Our mission is harnessing the power of action sports to transform lives, Grey Ostrich is dedicated to bringing mental health and wellness to veterans and underserved youth through surf and snow therapy. 

Grey ostrich is a certified IRS Tax-Exempt non-profit 501(c)(3)



  • Surf therapy has been shown to reduce PTSD symptoms: A study found that surf therapy significantly reduced PTSD symptoms among U.S. active duty service members, with participants experiencing a 30% reduction in symptoms.
  • Comorbid PTSD and MDD: Surf therapy was found to be particularly effective for individuals with both PTSD and major depressive disorder (MDD), with participants showing significantly greater reductions in depression/anxiety and improvements in positive affect compared to those with either disorder alone.


  • Reduced depressive symptoms: Surf therapy has been shown to decrease symptoms of depression among various populations, including U.S. active duty service members, young adult cancer survivors, and youth with disabilities.
  • Major depressive disorder (MDD): A randomized controlled trial found that surf therapy produced greater reductions in depressive symptoms compared to hike therapy among U.S. active duty service members with MDD.


  • Reduced anxiety: Surf therapy has been found to reduce anxiety levels among participants, including children and youth in need of social and emotional support, young adult cancer survivors, and veterans.
  • Immediate benefits: Surf therapy has been shown to provide immediate benefits, including significantly reduced depression/anxiety and increased positive affect among U.S. active duty service members.


Although research is limited around the positive impact of ski and snowboard therapy, we believe that it will have similar impacts as Surf therapy. We plan to utilize our platform to continue research to better understand the powerful impact that it may bring to mental health and wellness.